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Кто знал, что Джейми Ли Кёртис такая привлекательная женщина? Точно не я.

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Randolph and Mortimer Duke later appear in Eddie Murphy's movie Поездка в Америку (1988), where, in a cameo appearance, the two are homeless on the street and Prince Akeem gives them a large amount of money to get them back off the streets.

When Winthorpe and Valentine arrive at the World Trade Center, Winthorpe tells Valentine "In this building, it's either kill or be killed".
This line was removed from some TV broadcasts after 2001, out of respect for the victims of the September 11th attacks.

Eddie Murphy later admitted that while on the floor of the stock exchange in the final scene, he only followed the sсript, he had no idea what was going on as he found stock trading incredibly confusing.

The scene where Mortimer is trying to catch the money clip and having trouble wasn't supposed to happen that way, but both kept going with it and not breaking character, so it was kept in.

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