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Numerous references to James Joyce's novel "Ulysses" can be found in "Before Sunrise."
Both take place on June 16th, running into the early hours of June 17th. Both involve a journey around a single city (Dublin/Vienna) and include a visit to a graveyard.
Jesse's real name is James (Joyce's first name) and, like Joyce, he spent a long time wandering around the cities of Europe instead of going home.

The idea for the movie came from a night Richard Linklater spent walking around Philadelphia with Amy, a woman he met.
Contrary to the movie, they stayed in touch for a while, until contact was lost.
Linklater never heard from her again, not even when he became a director and Before Sunrise (1995) was released.
It was not for many years later that he found out that Amy had died in a traffic accident a few years after they had met.

The screenplay was written in eleven days.
Most of the sсript was re-written by Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke.
Delpy later expressed frustration that they were uncredited for their work.

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