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The 71st Annual Golden Globe Award. January 12, 2014.

Estranged ©.

Pretty in Pink 1986.

Estranged ©.
- I don't know. Part of me says just go and get it over with, and this other part says it's a stupid tradition and what's the point?
- Well, you know ... You could say that life itself is a stupid tradition. Don't analyse it. Just go.

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The original ending to this film depicted Duckie getting the girl. However, the test audiences said they would have preferred to see Blane win Andie's heart.
Additionally, Molly Ringwald was sick during the filming of the ending and John Hughes wasn't satisfied with the editing.
He was also concerned that audiences would take the original ending as a message that poor people and rich people don't belong together.

John Hughes was allegedly unhappy with the ending. He wanted Andie to get together with Duckie.
But the film's ending of Andie getting together with Blaine was forced upon him by the studio.
In retaliation, Hughes virtually made the same film all over again the following year with Some Kind of Wonderful (1987), a film about a similar love triangle.
Hughes wanted Molly Ringwald to star in it as well, but she refused. Hughes took it personally, and effectively ended their working relationship. They never worked together again.

In 2010, for the 20th Anniversary of Entertainment Weekly Magazine, EW reunited Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer and Annie Potts for a photo shoot and interview.
The three discussed what they thought their characters lives were like after the movie ends.
Ringwald said that she thought Andie and Blaine would have broken up shortly after the end of the film,
but Andie and Duckie would have remained lifelong friends, and also that Duckie would have long since come out as gay.

Robert Downey Jr. was almost cast as Duckie when the ending had Andie getting together with Duckie.
Per Molly Ringwald, this ending may have stuck if Downey won the role because he didn't give her the "brother vibe" Jon Cryer did.

Filmed in the same L.A. high school where Grease (1978) was made.

This is Molly Ringwald's favorite among her own films.

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