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Before Sunset (2004).

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The longest take is about 11 minutes long.

The man and woman that Celine speaks to in the courtyard of her apartment are played by Julie Delpy's real parents, Albert Delpy and Marie Pillet.

Though this movie was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, the screenplay is not based upon any existing text. However, the Academy rule book says that all sequels are adaptations.

Jesse ('Ethan Hawke (I)') has married a woman because she became pregnant, and they are now in a wedding crisis.
This parallels the story he told in Before Sunrise (1995), about his parents marrying because of his mother's unexpected pregnancy, and their subsequent divorce.

Since the film takes place during the mid-late afternoon, it was the only time of day director Richard Linklater would shoot the scenes in the film.
He felt it added to the hyper reality of the film, and often relied on the actors to get perfect takes at the right time.

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Before Sunrise (1995).

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Romantic, innocent, thoughtful and beautiful. :heart:

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Numerous references to James Joyce's novel "Ulysses" can be found in "Before Sunrise."
Both take place on June 16th, running into the early hours of June 17th. Both involve a journey around a single city (Dublin/Vienna) and include a visit to a graveyard.
Jesse's real name is James (Joyce's first name) and, like Joyce, he spent a long time wandering around the cities of Europe instead of going home.

The idea for the movie came from a night Richard Linklater spent walking around Philadelphia with Amy, a woman he met.
Contrary to the movie, they stayed in touch for a while, until contact was lost.
Linklater never heard from her again, not even when he became a director and Before Sunrise (1995) was released.
It was not for many years later that he found out that Amy had died in a traffic accident a few years after they had met.

The screenplay was written in eleven days.
Most of the sсript was re-written by Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke.
Delpy later expressed frustration that they were uncredited for their work.

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Moby Dick 2010.

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Training Day / Тренировочный день 2001.

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Before the Devil Knows You're Dead / Игры дьявола 2007.

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