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Thelma & Louise (1991).

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Удивительно, когда такие фильмы приходят к тебе в нужное время и настроение.
Дал сил и боевой дух, после непростого дня. Не говоря уже о том, что удивил и сильно впечатлил! :heart:

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Ridley Scott was reportedly so amazed with Hans Zimmer's score that he created a main title sequence (with Zimmer's music over it), rather than giving the main credits at the end as it was primarily planned.

According to a 2011 Vanity Fair article, it was Michelle Pfeiffer's idea that Ridley Scott direct the film instead of just simply executive produce it.

Scott watched Terrence Malick's Пустоши (1973) for inspiration for the look of the film.

At one point during production, Ridley Scott considered changing the ending to having Thelma survive after being pushed out of the car by Louise right before she drives off the cliff.

Susan Sarandon said that she added the kiss between Louise and Thelma at the end of the movie. Sarandon said that she told costar Geena Davis (but no one else) that she was going to kiss her.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Jodie Foster were originally chosen for the leads and accepted the roles, but preproduction took too long and both actresses had to drop out due to other commitments.

The sequence where Darryl slips and falls over on the builder's supplies as he is leaving for work was unscripted, as Christopher McDonald genuinely lost his footing.
Despite this he remained in character, yelling at the workmen as he got into the car and drove away. Ridley Scott apparently liked the result, and so it remains in the film.

In the scene where the tanker truck is shot and blown up, the reactions of Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis were supposed to be genuine.
Rather than filming separate reaction shots, director Ridley Scott rigged the tanker to blow up during the take, in order to get authentic expressions of surprise from the two leads.
Despite this, they were so astonished while watching it that they forgot to actually react, so Scott had to film their reactions again.

A total of five identical 1966 Thunderbird convertibles were used throughout the shoot: one 'star car', one camera car, one back-up car, and two stunt cars.

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Twilight / Сумерки 1998.

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Просмотр фильма с подобным названием по-началу напрочь отметает любое желание, и заставляет скривиться.
Но такой актерский состав, впечатляющий. :inlove:
Именно это и отличает два фильма с одинаковым именем.

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The Client 1994.

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Joel Schumacher proposed "movie marriage" to Susan Sarandon in the middle of a crowded New York City restaurant during the summer of 1993
in order to convince her to do the movie. She agreed to make the film a few days later.

At the time of filming, author John Grisham had casting approval over all film adaptations of his work and specified that
"no professional child actors in Hollywood" be cast as Mark Sway. He felt that the film wouldn't work with a well-known child actor
(sporting a phony accent) in the role and that by casting an unknown in the part (preferably from the Memphis area where the story is set)
the film's credibility wouldn't be compromised. Brad Renfro, a native of Knoxville, Tennessee beat out thousands of actors for the role including Macaulay Culkin.

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Stepmom / Мачеха 1998.

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:hlop: :weep3:

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The film was dedicated "In loving memory of Irene Columbus", director Chris Columbus's mother,
who in the year before the movie was released had died of cancer, a similar circumstance to one of the main characters in the movie.

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Bernard and Doris 2006.

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Arbitrage 2012.

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Хороший фильм. Замечательные актеры.
Ричард Гир да пожалуй это одна из главных ролей в его карьере.
Сьюзан Сарандон прекрасна!
ОЧЕНЬ рада была видеть Тима! Правда я не люблю когда он играет с американским акцентом, даже смешно пару раз было.
But I guess for a change ...

И еще мне нравится идея двух вариантов финала. Мне всё же кажется, что он подписал ...


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The Greatest / Самый лучший 2008.

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Right Now