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Уже второй фильм, и влюбилась в Джеймса Кэгни! Хамфри Богарт чертовски элегантен, as usual.
Еще мне очень понравился актер Пэт О’Брайен, которого я почти сразу узнала по "Some Like It Hot".
А если говорить об операторах фильмов жанра нуар, так они вообще бесподобны! :heart:

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A montage features a shot of gangsters bombing a storefront. This shot is actually an alternate angle of the bombing of a store in The Public Enemy (1931). !!! I knew it!

The Dead End Kids terrorized the set during shooting. They threw other actors off with their ad-libbing, and once cornered costar Humphrey Bogart and stole his trousers.
But they didn't figure on James Cagney's street-bred toughness.
The first time Leo Gorcey pulled an ad-lib on Cagney, the star stiff-armed the young actor right above the nose. From then on, the gang behaved.

For years, viewers have wonder whether or not "Rocky" Sullivan (James Cagney) really turned yellow as he was being strapped into the electric chair.
Some have wondered if he was faking it in order to keep his promise to Father Jerry.
When asked about the scene years later, Cagney says he chose to play it in such a way so that the audience could make their own decisions as to whether or not he was faking.

To play Rocky, James Cagney drew on his memories of growing up in New York's Yorkville, a tough ethnic neighborhood on the upper east side, just south of Spanish Harlem.
His main inspiration was a drug-addicted pimp who stood on a street corner all day hitching his trousers, twitching his neck, and repeating, "Whadda ya hear! Whadda ya say!"
Those mannerisms came back to haunt Cagney. He later wrote in his autobiography, "I did those gestures maybe six times in the picture.
That was over thirty years ago - and the impressionists have been doing me doing him ever since."

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